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Jinxing Amusement Park closed for upgrading and renovation

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年03月07日 12:08


Workers are demolishing the ferris wheel. [China Tibet News/Yangjen]

From March 1, the Jinxing Amusement Park located at Linggyu South Road of Lhasa City will be closed for upgrading and renovation, and it will reopen on June 1 of this year.

Jinxing Amusement Park has been opened for 15 years. It would not be strange for Lhasa citizens. "I am very happy to hear that Jinxing Amusement Park will be upgraded and it will not be eliminated due to aging or other reasons. As my childhood memory, I hope it will become better and better," said citizen Dandro.

On the afternoon of March 4, reporter went to the Jinxing Amusement Park, which had been closed, and found that workers were busy with demolition work. "The work has been in progress for three days, and it may take more than half a month to complete." said a worker who was demolishing a pirate ship.

The overall update time of this project was planned to be 3 months, the renovation included about 20 amusement items: floating bumper cars, children's castle, jungle flying squirrels, haunted house, elephant railroad train, flying chair, track cycling, merry-go-round, pirate ship, Shark Island, game center, roller skating rink, etc.

Jinxing Amusement Park, the first amusement park in Lhasa, has been a favorite park for local children for 15 years, said Fan Kuande, a worker of the amusement park. However, due to natural wear and tear, aging, man-made damage and other reasons, the pirate ship, ferris wheel and other facilities have gotten different degrees of damage, which might cause safety risks. At the same time, in order to meet the new needs of customers, the upgrading project has been launched.

On the basis of the general layout of the park's renovation project, the ferris wheel project has been canceled and would not be rebuilt after the demolition. In view of the charges after renovation, Fan Kuande introduced, it would rise moderately.

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