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13th Xizang Autonomous Regional Sports Games to kick off on Aug. 8

By Tenzin Sydron, He Fei(Intern), Cao Yingying(Intern) Source:xzxw.com 2022年08月03日 09:45


The 13th Xizang Autonomous Regional Sports Games and the 5th Traditional Ethnic Sports Games will kick off on Aug. 8 in Nyingchi City, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region. The closing ceremony will be held on Aug. 12.

The torch relay ceremony will be held in Nyingchi on Aug. 5, which is the first time in the history of regional sports games. The fuel of the torch is ghee.


The games consists of 12 major sports events and 73 minor ones, such as athletics, basketball, football, wrestling, table tennis, badminton, Chinese chess, swimming, cycling, archery, competitive equestrian, and rock climbing. Competitive equestrian and rock climbing are newly added.


Photo shows the mascot of the regional games, "Nornor", which means baby in local language.

Nyima Tsering, director of Sports Bureau of Xizang Autonomous Region, deputy director of the Organizing Committee of the Games, and deputy secretary-general of the Games, introduces that this quadrennial regional games is the largest, highest-level, and most influential comprehensive sports event in Xizang.

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