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Guikala Tunnel cutting travel time between Lhasa and Shannan to 1h

By Tenzin Sydron, Pasang Lhamo(Intern), Shen Wenjuan(Intern) Source:xzxw.com 2022年08月05日 11:01


Guikala Tunnel, the world's longest highway tunnel at high altitudes, is currently under construction. It is a key project in Lhasa-Tsethang Expressway. 

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The total length of the tunnel is 12.79 kilometers. 86% of the project has been completed. As the tunnel is excavated further, the construction is expected to face significant difficulties and risks. Therefore, it is crucial to introduce advanced equipment and technology.

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Lhasa-Tsethang Expressway is a key project for integrated development between Lhasa City and Shannan City. It will cut the travel time between the two cities from three hours to one hour.

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