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Tibet’s forest resources are comprehensively managed and protected

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-10-27

In recent years, Tibet has been continuously increasing the protection and management of forests, and strengthening the professional team construction for public welfare forests. With the implement ion of a series of policies and measures made by the central government, forests management and protection are fully covered in Tibet. Five indexes, namely living wood growing stock, forest area per capita, forest stock volume per capita, natural forestaccumulation per capita and arboreal forest unit stock volume, all rank first in China.

According to the Forest Department of Tibet Autonomous Region, forest resources are very rich in Tibet. To effectively protect ecological environment, manage and protect forest resources, 10.1127 million hectares forest in Tibet are listed in the range of central finance's forest ecological benefits compensation. In 2015, the compensation standard of state-owned public welfare forests was enhanced to 7 yuan per mu per year. In addition, a fund of 300 million yuan for forest management and protection was allocated. In 2016, the compensation standard was enhanced to 9 yuan per mu per year again.

In 2014, a pilot work for the construction of professional management and protection team for public welfare forests was carried out and 19 teams were established. In 2015, another 189 teams were established, covering 207 towns with forests and 1 town with shrubwood. It is said that 1113 personnel are employed in the 208 teams. Tibet's management and protection work for public welfare forests makes new progress.

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, a variety of inspections are carried out to crack down on illegal actsand protect forest resources.

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