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Shannan works hard to improve rural living conditions

By Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月29日 17:18

Drolde Village is located in Chigu Town, Comai County of Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Chinese national flags wave above house roofs; without any garbage, its streets are tidy and clean; firewood is placed in order; river flowing through the village is clear. Its autumn scenery is like a bright pearl on the grassland.

It is hard to believe that in the past, residents of Drolde Village lived in shabby old houses and always complained about dirty streets, flowing sewage as well as garbage that could be seen everywhere.

The village has witnessed significant changes. Thanks to the improvement of rural living conditions carried out in Shannan City, its appearance has greatly improved.

In recent years, Shannan City has taken the improvement of rural living conditions as a key livelihood project. Through the deep combination of rural revitalization strategy, improvement of ecological environment, toilet revolution, and other key tasks, the improvement of rural living conditions is planned to last for three years. Besides, great changes have taken place in a large number of villages, such as Drolde Village of Comai County, Jinlu Community of Nedong District and Lajiao Village of Lhozhag County.

"Over the past years, we planted over 1,000 mu (0.66 km²) of trees in the community, and nearly 200 mu (0.13 km²) of trees along the Yarlung Zangbo River. Now, the local environment gets great changes," said Tsering, first secretary of Tsenthang Community Party branch of Nedong District.  

Tsenthang Community is located in Tsethang Town of Nedong District, Shannan City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. In the past, it was in poor natural environment. In recent years, the community has identified the weaknesses of its environmental protection and persisted in planting trees for improving its living conditions. All local households are encouraged to participate in the environmental improvement. Now, the community becomes an ecological one with trees and flowers.

Different from the action of Tsenthang Community, Gongkang Village of Lingda Town, Gyaca County, is the relocation site for poverty alleviation. From the beginning, with unified planning, the village has focused on improving living conditions in terms of infrastructure, environmental protection measures and ecological environment, aiming to provide comfort living and production conditions.

"In the past, the environment of the village we lived suffered from problems such as poor road conditions, hostile environment, and undeveloped basic public services. After relocation, the living environment gets remarkable improvement. We have public toilets, garbage collectors, garbage trucks and sprinkler trucks. The cleaners are responsible for cleaning up the village. As the environment gets better, people's awareness of protecting the environment also enhances," said Sonam Drolkar, a villager of Gongkang Village, who was relocated from Qiongga Village of Qusum County.

The improvement of local environment is closely related to the construction of cleaning system during the process of the improvement of living conditions in Shannan City.  

Shannan City focuses on the clearance of garbage, sundries, and yards, as well as the improvement of water, toilets and pens. It also sets up a clearance system and employs one or two cleaners for village's cleaning work, aiming to build a more beautiful village. 

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