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Peak season in Tibet sees a pickup in tourism

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2015年08月22日 10:13

With the increasing number of tourists for Tibet, July and August is the tourist season in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). According to the data from the Tibet Tourism Development Committee, Tibet saw 5.3 million travelers from home and abroad during January and June, a 26.7 percent increase compared with the previous year. The visitors brought 5.3 billion yuan (about 800 million U.S dollars), up 30 percent year-on-year.

The devastating Nepal earthquake on April 25 jolted parts of Tibet, which caused some tourists to fear to travel there. It is said that the earthquake has slightly affected the tourism in Tibet. Except for the Dram and Kyirong which have been temporarily shut down, other scenic spots in Tibet have not been affected.

In summer holiday, Tibet tourism departments offer various Tibetan traditional tourism routes such as Lhasa, Yarlung, Nyingchi, Metok, Ngari and other lines. In addition, Lake Namtso enters the most beautiful season now.

Along with the launch of Lhasa Shoton Festival, Tamtod Horse Racing Festival, Tibet expo and other activities, tourism in TAR is currently entering peak season in August and September. It is advised from the tourist specialists that visitors for TAR need to arrange the travels a month in advance, because of the scarcity of railway ticket, air ticket and the Potala Palace ticket.

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