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Two new public bike stations to be built in Tibet's Lhasa

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2016-10-19


Photo shows that citizens apply for bicycle rental cards at a service center of public bikes. [Photo/China Tibet News]

It is reported from Lhasa Public Bike Renting Company that until now a total of 240 bikes have been stationed in 15 places in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, aiming to provide a green and low-carbon transport service for citizens. Two new renting spots for public bikes will be put into use in Newu district of Lhasa so as to offer more convenience to citizens and tourists. The building of this project will be started in late October.There are more public bike users at renting stations of the post office near Potala Palace, Chomsigkang, China Telecom of west district and Ramoche. The number of tourists using public bikes is almost the same as local citizens. At the moment, more than 30 these bikes are used by tourists and citizens a day, according to authorities with Lhasa Public Bike Renting Company. During the tourism peak season, there are over 50 bikes rented on average a day. As winter looms, there are less public bike users.

Since 2013, the first batch of public bikes in Lhasa have proved popular with citizens and tourists. Because of strong ultraviolet rays and long-time exposure, many saddles of these bikes appear cracks. This is also a problem needed solving.

Lots of citizens hope that there are more public bike parking lots in Lhasa. "I hope there is a bike parking station near Phase II of Namse Park so I can ride one to buy vegetables instead of walking," said Lhasa resident Miss Zhang.

Two new renting spots for public bikes will be built in late October. 10 bikes will be put into use each one station. The number of public bikes in Lhasa will amount to 260. With the rapid development of urbanization, more citizens move to Newu district. Besides, Lhasa Railway Station is also located in Newu district. New public bike stations will provide more convenience for citizens here.

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