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Winter tour to Tibet

By   Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2017年02月13日 10:19

In recent years, Tibet Autonomous Regional People's Government and tourism departments promote "Winter Tour to Tibet" actively. Since the launch of this activity in 2007, a series of tourism products relating to "Winter Tour to Tibet" have become practical for tourists, not just an exploration.

Tourists going to Tibet could enjoy marvelous plateau spectacle in four seasons. On Oct. 30 of this year, the first special train of winter tourism to Tibet arrived at Lhasa Railway Station, marking the beginning of "Winter Tour to Tibet" .


Photo shows that tourists are taking photos on the Mount Sejila located in Nyingchi, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. [Photo/China Tibet News]

Tibet in winter enjoys warm sunshine and clear blue sky, changing tourists' impressions on Tibet's cold winter with low oxygen level .

At the Tibetan restaurant of Dzongyab Lukhang Park, Mr. Wang, a tourist from Tianjin, eats Tibetan noodles and drinks Tibetan tea. He said that Tibet is the only place that he comes and do not want to leave. “Enjoying Tibetan noodles with a bottle of Tibetan tea is quite simple but happy. Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I feel calm when soak up the sunshine in the afternoon" , Wang said. In Tibet, you could enjoy a pleasure of deep breath without dust-haze.

It is the second time for Ms. Wang, a tourist from Shanxi Province, to travel to Tibet. At this time, she mainly wants to experience the unique plateau scenery in winter. "It is amazing and fabulous. Snow-capped mountain and green water of the lake form a spectacular painting”, Wang describes about the Yamdrok Lake.

With high visibility, winter is an appropriate time to see Mt. Qomolangma. Tents at Mt.Qomolangma base camp are dismantled every October 20. Some tourists worried about the accommodation. Dingri County Tourism Administration responded that visitors could live in hotels located in Rongpo Monastery, Dingri County and Pelbar Town. Furthermore, tourists will receive treatment in time if they get a sudden illness or an injury.

Winter in Tibet is not such cold. With high altitude, Tibet boasts long hours of sunlight, especially in Lhasa, Shigatse and Nyingchi. The average temperature is 18 C in the day time, warmer than Bejing and Shanghai. However, the temperature gap between day and night is large.

On Nov. 30, Tibet welcomed the first Tibetan New Year -- Kongpo Losar New Year. Because of different history, weather, geographical location and solar terms, there are four Tibetan new years. During the festival, local Tibetans have various ways for celebrating and expressing their New Year wishes. It becomes a fashion to travel to Tibet in winter. Tourists could have the chance to experience traditional Tibetan culture and customs.

The cost of traveling to Tibet will fall by as much as half in winter low season. Tourists could enjoy discount in tickets, accommodation and transportation. The Lhasa Tourism Bureau will organize a team to five inland countries for tourism promotion.

The Potala Palace reduced its admission price to 100 yuan (14.53 U.S. dollars) from Nov.1. On the same day, tickets to Mt. Qomolangma base camp will fall to half of the peak season, from 180 yuan (26.15 U.S. dollars) to 90 yuan (13.07 U.S. dollars). Besides, with the coming of low season starting from November, visitors could get admission tickets in only two or three minutes instead of standing in line for long hours.


Photo shows that tourists buy souvenirs. [Photo/China Tibet News]


Photo shows that tourists are dancing with the local on the lakeshore of Namco Lake. [Photo/China Tibet News]

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