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Nagri received over 660,000 tourists in 2017

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-05-22

In 2017, Ngari Prefecture received about 660,000 domestic and oversea tourists and the tourism revenue reached 750 million yuan, increasing 20% and 10% respectively.

With an average elevation of 4500 meters, Ngari Prefecture is located in the western part of Tibet. As the birthplace of the four great rivers in Asia, it is also called "the source of rivers". Besides, there are many famous scenic spots such as Lake Manasarovar, Mount Kailash, Zada Soil Forest, the Ruins of Gurge Kingdom and so on.

Liu Qilin, deputy office director of Ngari Tourism Development Committee, introduced that, in 2017, about 12,000 farmers and herdsmen were directly or indirectly engaged in tourism industry, improving the tourism development ability of 11 poor villages with tourism development conditions.

Over the past year, Ngari has been positively building barrier-free tourist areas and promoting the reception business of India folk pilgrims. In addition, the Xi'an-Lhasa-Nagri air route was opened, further improving the openness level of tourism industry.

Moreover, recently, the Pangong Lake of Rutog County was rated as one of the 50 natural wonders in the world by CNN.

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