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Tibet saw 500,000 air passengers during Spring Festival

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2018-03-26


Photo shows Lhasa Konggar Airport. [Photo/He Penglei]

During the Spring Festival period, Tibet has witnessed 4,654 flights, up 14.5 percent from the previous year. Besides, Tibet's airports have handled a total of 492,239 passengers, a year-on-year increase of 25.4 percent, according to the regional civil aviation authorities.


Tibet has seen an increasing number of air passengers since March. [Photo/He Penglei]

Since the beginning of March, migrant workers have started to return to Tibet where they work. Besides, with the implementation of winter tourism promotion program, more and more tourists choose to go to Tibet for their holidays. Because of the above reasons, air tickets to Tibet are difficult to secure. A series of measures have been taken to ensure the safety and comfort flight, such as an increase of flights and the use of large-size aircraft.


Photo shows a ground crew member answers questions. [Photo/He Penglei]


Photo shows a passenger consults information from a police officer. [Photo/He Penglei]


Photo shows a staff member is helping a passenger check in. [Photo/He Penglei]


The security check at the airport ensures the safety of passengers. [Photo/He Penglei]


Photo shows that a staff member is doing the security check. [Photo/He Penglei]

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy, Tibet has seen an increasing number of air passengers. Currently, the plateau region has five airports (Gonggar Airport, Bamda Airport, Mainling Airport, Gunsa Airport, Heping Airport) and 80 air routes, connecting with 42 cities.

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