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Jiling, land of idyllic beauty

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月09日 10:00

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Photo shows the scenery of Jiling Town. [Photo/China Tibet News]

Jiling is a land of idyllic beauty. In the middle of July, a media interview group of Tibet Daily drove from Banbar County to Jiling Town. About 10 kilometers away from Banbar County, Dorjela Mountain came into sight. On the snow-capped mountain, the path was uneven and precipitous. Being known for its beauty and danger, Jiling, an important traffic hub on the Ancient Tea Horse Road, boasts forests, farmland, grassland, glacial lake, alpine pasture, thousand-year-old glaciers and hundred-year-old sea-buckthorn forests. 

The way to Jiling is steep and rough. With an altitude of 5,200 meters, Xarkang La Mountain is on the east of Jiling Town, which is famous for the most arduous path. On Jiling Town's west, Nugong La Mountain is a natural barrier "intercepting" passengers. With a distance of 300 kilometers between the two snow mountains, Jiling Town, the most beautiful town in Banbar County, is surrounded. Xarkang La Mountain and Nugong La Mountain are just like two barriers protecting this original and beautiful place.

Jiling is a remote place even for local residents in Qamdo. A few of them have been there before. Today in the 21st century, the bumpy path from Banbar County to Jiling Town featuring danger and precipitousness has opened to traffic for almost 9 years. Along the zigzag mountain road, the media interview group stoped because of the truck ahead being stuck in the middle of road. Thanks to the help from construction team of No. 349 national highway they could go ahead two hours later.

At the top of Xarkang La Mountian, one can enjoy the landscape scenery of Jiling Town.

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Photo shows the green fields in Jiling Town. [Photo/China Tibet News]

Farmers were busy with harvest on the green fields. The flow of a clear river slowed down. A tranquil place of idyllic beauty came into sight.

Zhiqu Dargye, a villager of Yugonggu Village, Jiling Town, lives in a two-floor folk house. With colorful traditional Tibetan wall paintings and wooden furnitures, the house is richly ornamented and gives people warm feeling. In the yard, there are green vegetables and blooming flowers. All these show the diligence and interests of house owner. Zhiqu Dargye is also in charge of Jiling Town's transport team. Now, the Banbar-Lhari road rebuilding project, part of No. 349 national highway, has already begun. "Villagers joining the transport team hope this road will open to traffic as soon as possible." Zhiqu Dargye says.

The locals regard the path of Xarkang La Mountain as a dangerous road, too. "My father said that in the old times, there were 18 post houses along the Banbar-Lhasa section on the Ancient Tea Horse Road. He once carried goods to Lhasa and came back through the ancient road, and always sighed for the difficulty of the road." Buchung, a village cadre of Yugonggu Village, says.

Jiling deserves the title of a place of idyllic beauty and is rich in resources. However, generations of Jiling Town have been isolated by Xarkang La Mountain and Nugong La Mountain.

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Photo shows the beautiful scenery of Jiling Town. [Photo/China Tibet News]

"With 7 administrative villages and 14 natural villages, Jiling Town has 837 households with 4,495 headcounts. Although the path to the town is arduous, its scenery is beautiful. What's more, there are lots of historical sites. " says Tenzin, secretary of Jiling Town Party Committee.

Following Tenzin, the media interview group went to the east and saw snow-covered mountains, glaciers, and glacial lakes, which all nourished Jiling.

Banbar County applied for the pilot work of Tibet Banbar Chung Lhatso National Wetland Park successfully at the end of 2016. The ancient sea-buckthorn forest, an important part of the wetland park, has a history of more than 110 years. The luxuriant sea-buckthorn trees are tall and different in shapes. According to Tenzin, this is the largest known sea-buckthorn forest in Qamdo City. 

Jiling, a land of idyllic beauty, will become an internet-famous place after the completion of No. 349 national highway.

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