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Gyangze County develops tourism industry to help poverty alleviation

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月15日 10:13

In recent years, Gyangze County of Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has continuously strengthened the level of tourism planning and reception, so as to expand the coverage and influence of tourism industry. In 2018, the county received 331,700 tourists, generating a total revenue of 99.4777 million yuan RMB, and driving 2, 356 people get employed, among whom 216 were registered poor people. Up to now, the county has received 553,000 tourists this year, achieving a total income of 130 million yuan RMB, and driving 3,798 person-times of employment, including 1,987 person-times of direct employment and 1,811 person-times of indirect employment.

Gyangze County focuses on building a high-quality tourism route with Karola Glacier, Zijin Wetland, Phalha Manor and other scenic spots as its main attractions. Besides, it builds a tourism belt for ancient castles centering on Jiarijiao Old Street, Mt. Dzongri Castle and other scenic spots, so as to increase the participation of registered poor people and strengthen the mechanism of interest connection. Through guiding the poor people to work in scenic areas, as well as encouraging farmers and herdsmen to hold folk art performances and open family inns, channels for people to get rich are expanded. Relying on the model of "cooperative + poor households", the sales points of poverty alleviation products are set up in the scenic area of Phalha Manor, with 19 cooperatives participating in, which leads 130 registered poor people to increase their income by more than 2,000 yuan RMB per person per month.

At the same time, Gyangze County introduces third party organizations to carry out the operation and makes every effort to create high-quality tourism.

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