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Development of rural tourism

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月21日 16:51


Photo shows tourists taking part in an activity of picking raspberries and blackcurrants in Lhasa's Dogde Village. [China Tibet News/Kelsang Lhundrup, Yuan Haixia]

In recent years, during the construction of all-for-one tourism demonstration district, Chengguan District of Lhasa City, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has focused on the development of rural tourism by building beautiful villages.


Photo shows tourists enjoying local beautiful scenery on horses in Lunang Town, Nyingchi of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. [China Tibet News/Zhang Meng, Shi Jinru]

Boasting beautiful natural scenery and pure air, Nyingchi, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has seen an increasing number of horses raised by local farmers and herdsmen in recent years. During the development of all-for-one tourism, basing on the vast pasture, local government has promoted tourism sightseeing industry centering on horse riding, which helps increase local income.

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