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Tourism-aid to Qamdo promotes development

By Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月28日 17:21

On the 15th Cross-Straits Expo for Tourism, Tibetan incense, Tibetan medicine, jewelries and other folk handcrafts with Tibetan cultural characteristics, which were displayed in Tibet Qamdo exhibition hall, attracted lots of visitors. The on-site aggregate transaction value reached more than 390,000 yuan RMB. Some visitors and exhibitors also exchanged Wechat with Qamdo, so as tocustomize and order related products after the expo.

The popular of tourism products also shows the flourish of Qamdo's tourism. In recent years, thanks to the support from Fujian, Chongqing and Tianjin, the local tourism industry witnesses great development. An increasing number of tourists travel to Qamdo to enjoy the enchanting scenery of east Tibet.

According to the data from the Tourism Bureau of Qamdo, the city received 2.376 million visitors from January to October, up 23.2% from a year ago. The tourism revenue also rose 23.4% to 1.95 billion yuan RMB. A total of 8,855 farmers and herdsmen have engaged in the local tourism, with a general income of 37.68 million yuan RMB.

In addition, the Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has invested almost 800,000 yuan RMB topromote the office conditions of Qamdo City's tourism system. With an investment of 300,000 yuan RMB into Qamdo City's tourism bureau's participation in the 15th Cross-Straits Expo for Tourism (XIamen) and 490,000 yuan RMB into the publishment of tourism brochures, the popularity of Qamdo's tourism gets enhancement.

Intelligence-aid to Tibet is also an important part of tourism-aid to Tibet, which injects vitality in the local tourism development. In 2019, the Tianjing Bureau of Culture and Tourism organized numerous batches of tourism talents training and actively invited carders working in Qamdo's tourism system and workers of the city's tourism companies. All these provide strong intellectualsupport for local tourism work.

Qamdo, with unique tourism resources, is favored by tourists at home and abroad. One of the key points of tourism-aid to Tibet is to send visitors to Tibet.

In May 2019, the symposium on tourism-aid to Qamdo was held in Chongqing, supporting the establishment of Qamdo cultural and tourism experience hall in Chongqing, so as to attract visitors to travel toQamdo through the online and offline tourism advisory services. What's more, these two cities also reached agreements on building the training mechanism for tourism management personnel and strengthening cooperation between tourism companies of the two cities.  

With the support from aid-Qamdo provinces and cities, Qamdo, a rising city with all-for-one tourism, is luring tourists' attention and is expected to make significant progress in the future. 

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