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Basum Co scenic spot reopened to the public

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2020年04月10日 09:40

Recently, Basum Co scenic spot, located in Gongbo' gyamda County of Nyingchi, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has reopened to the public. With preferential policies of "Winter Tour to Tibet", it offers free admission to touristsof the region. In addition to beautiful highland scenery, tourists can enjoy delicious food and traditional Tibetan art performance there.

Among natural scenic attractions in Tibet, Basum Co, with an altitude around 3,700 meters, is the only national 5A-level one. Despite the comparatively low temperature in early spring, it still attracts a number of visitors.

Up to now, Basum Co scenic spot has received over 200 tourists since its reopening. To attract more tourists and promote tourism development, a series of favourable measures have been taken. Hotels have resumed normal operation, providing a 50 percent discount on accommodation.

In the scenic spot, there is picturesque scenery comprising snow-capped mountains, lakes, forests, waterfalls, grasslands, cultural relics and historical interests. Entertainment items are expected to become more diverse, like "Linka" on boats and camping under the starry sky. Now, strict epidemic prevention measures are still taken in the scenic attraction. Tourists need to have their body temperature checked at the entrance. 

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