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Lhasa's Dokde Street: rural tourism boosts local income

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2020年06月11日 10:18

Rural tourism has long been an important part of economic development in suburban areas. Relying on unique natural resources, Dokde Street actively facilitates the construction of rural tourist attractions, bringing benefits to both visitors and local residents.

Dokde Street, located in the northeast of Lhasa's Chengguan District, is seven kilometers away from the city's centre. Boasting convenient traffic and rich tourism resources, it makes great progress in rural tourism. When summer comes, citizens of Lhasa City usually prefer to go to Linka (traveling in gardens) with their friends and family members on weekends. "Sometimes, urban living is quiet boring for us. We likes going to Linka of suburban areas every weekends. It is also a good way for relaxing and enjoying nature, " says Dawa Tashi, a citizen of Lhasa City.  

With local tourism resources, Weiba Village of Dokde Street has made efforts to advance rural tourism by building its own tourism brand named "Lhasa Family", gradually increasing local residents' income. "Lhasa Family" is a mode of tourism that mainly provides homestay services. It is not only a chance for tourists to enjoy traditional Tibetan culture and taste delicious Tibetan delicacies, but also a channel for increasing local income. Next, more villagers are expected to engage in this project that will boost local income.

Moreover, Dokde Street also does more efforts to support local farmers and college graduates in startups by developing local industries and building incubation bases, which effectively accelerates poverty alleviation work and the realization of a moderately prosperity society.

Local beautiful environment and pleasant climate offer good conditions for planting raspberries. In 2016, Dokde Street's Raspberry Ecological Agriculture Science & Technology Park was established. It provides fresh fruits to citizens and tourists, and also helps promote income growth by land transferring and creating jobs. Every year, about 390 people are working in the raspberry industrial park. Each of them could earn 130 yuan RMB every day.  

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