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Qamdo’s World Environment Day

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-07-27

Recently, environmental protection department in Qamdo, Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region took "Beautiful China, I am an actor" as the theme to launch publicity campaigns for the World Environment Day in the Chama Square and 11 counties.

In Chama Square, Qamdo’s environmental protection, forestry, water conservancy and other municipal units, as well as local companies, jointly carried out a propaganda activity for the World Environment Day, in which "Environmental Knowledge Manual", "The environmental protection law", "The Ramsar Convention Manual" and other kinds of environmental brochures were given out.

In Tengsheng’s Khyungpo Square, environmental protection, forestry and agriculture as well as animal husbandry were organized to attend this activity. Staffs issued lots of environmental brochures and reusable bags. The staffs explained the significance of ecological civilization construction to the masses to advocate that the public should save resources and protect the environment.  

In Lholung’s Fengshou Square, 28 people from environmental protection, forestry and other departments hung up propaganda banners and set up advisory offices to explain the knowledge of ecological environment protection for the masses. 

Other counties have also carried out the propaganda activities. Some have issued all kinds of environmental products to the masses. Some went to masses' homes and long-distance bus stations to popularize basic knowledge and small skills of environmental protection. [Liu Fang, Zhu Nan]

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