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Reform and opening-up promotes social development

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-11-27

Over the past 40 years since the reform and opening-up, especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the Party Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and with the assistance of provinces, cities, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, Shigatse City has changed its working ideas, made remarkable achievements and historic changes in promoting the economic and social development.

Historical leap: the comprehensive strength rises dramatically

Since the reform and opening-up, Shigatse City has stuck to the central task of the economic development, regarded development as the first priority to readjust the industrial structure, deepen the reform, develop characteristic industries, expand opening up, which have promoted the sustained and sound development of economy.

In 2017, the regional Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and local general public budget revenue of Shigatse City reached 21.63 billion yuan and 1.575 billion yuan, which were 117.6 times and 392.8 times as much as 1978 respectively. At the same time, the total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery services increased from 124 million yuan in 1978 to 5.483 billion yuan in 2017.

Substantial development: people's livelihood greatly improved

Shigatse City has adopted a series of measures to help people solve the difficulties in life, benefit them and improve people's livelihood.

Sangzhuzi District seizes the opportunity of building a clean energy demonstration city in Shigatse City, and builds the industry poverty alleviation demonstration park of "photovoltaic + ecological facility agriculture" in the "photovoltaic town" in Jangdam Town, which can provide 20,000 jobs, and each household will increase its income by 10,340 yuan annually including all the poor households establishing card for archives in Sangzhuzi District. Drolma, a resident, said that she had just moved into her new home in early March this year, when she received a land circulation dividend of over 1,000 yuan in the village. Besides, the photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof, which increased her income through solar power generation.

The per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached 30,126 yuan and 9,225 yuan respectively, and the per capita disposable income of rural residents was 73.2 times as much as 1978.

Green development: maintaining a good ecological environment

Since the reform and opening-up, Shigatse City has persisted in protecting nature and green development, which has effectively promoted the work of protecting ecological forests, construction of beautiful cities, and economic development. Trinley, a forest ranger in Namling County, said that after planting the trees, the environment became better and better.

Namling Ecological Demonstration Area on the north bank of the Yarlung Zangbo River is the starting point and demonstration site of the afforestation project of Tibet Autonomous Region, with a total planned area of 420,000 mu(1 acre= 6.0702846 mu), forming a large pattern of ecological construction. [Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan]

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