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Inspecting fire control safety and production safety of cultural relics

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-12-04

To promote the work of cultural relics fire safety, tourism production safety and the implementation of the policies and measures of "traveling to Tibet in winter well", recently, Dorje Tsedrup, vice-chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region led the investigating group to the Norbulingka, Tsurphu Monastery and Damxung County for inspection and investigation.

In the Norbulingka, the investigating group learned about the fire safety work of cultural relics and the implementation of the policies and measures of "traveling to Tibet in winter well". It is stressed that relevant units can strengthen preventive measures, and promote the work of the fire safety of cultural relics well to ensure the safety of cultural relics while providing tourists with a safe tourist environment.

In the Tsurphu Monastery, the investigating group listened to the work report and arrangement of cultural relic fire safety. It is pointed out that relevant personnel can fully understand the importance of the safety of cultural relics, strictly implement measures and requirements for the protection of cultural relics, and identify and eliminate hidden dangers in time, to ensure the safety of cultural relics.

In addition, In Damxung County, after field investigation, the investigating group pointed out that the construction of holiday villages that are close to Lhasa City will provide new choices for tourists. Relevant departments and construction units can strengthen the concept of environmental protection, use resources scientifically, build safety facilities, and bring better tourism experience to tourists. [Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan]

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