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Nyingchi "Double Hundred Plan" to stimulate the Vitality of talents work

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-12-05

Recently, Organization Department of Nyingchi seeks breakthroughs in innovative ideas and carries out the "Double Hundred Plan" in depth. Every year, 100 local cadres and technicians are selected to study in Guangdong Province, and 100 professional and technical talents are introduced to Nyingchi from Guangdong to help local talents.

Nyingchi incorporates talent work into the year-end comprehensive assessment responsibility system, as well as makes a series of regulations to ensure the implement of“Talented Person Strengthen the City Project". At the same time, the City strengthens communication and coordination with Guangdong Province and obtains strong support. Starting from the 8th batch of aid-Tibet cadres, they have introduced professional and technical persons into Nyingchi City step by step, now there are more than 300 of them. In view of the shortage of local teachers, the limited ability to run schools and the long growth cycle of teachers, they have selected more than 200 local teachers with teaching potential to study advanced educational concepts and advanced teaching skills in coastal developed areas. Talents also sign the responsibility document for training objectives, and implement the assessment and evaluation at the end of a term, so as to ensure the training effect and make full use of the knowledge after returning to work.

In order to effectively provide sufficient guarantee, Nyingchi Municipal Bureau of Finance allocates 17 million yuan (2,464,732.5765 USD) annually, strengthens the funding for talents work, and actively creates a good environment for them. In order to maximize the role talent introduction, relevant offices have actively encouraged local talents to carry out research programs, and strived to enhance ability of local talents.[Liu Fang, Hu Wen]

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