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Tsering Norbu: a foregoer who leads the villagers to get rich

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-12-06

Tsering Norbu, a villager of Bailu Village, Laduo Town, Nang County, is a foregoer who shakes off poverty and becomes prosperous. He is also a party member with 27 years of party age, and a village cadre with 31 years of work experience. The villagers' evaluation of him is : a foregoer who leads the villagers to get rich and leads them to a well-off life.

As a village cadre of Bailu Village, he united and led party cadres and the masses to overcome difficulties, vigorously develop the collective economy, and guide the masses to rely on hard work to walk on the road to wealth.

Bailu Village is 20 kilometers away from the township government. The three groups in the village are scattered and lack of collective economic income. In 2013, taking into account the actual situation of the village, and in order to increase the collective economic income of the village, he borrowed 150,000 yuan at the risk of losing money, purchased 120 goats from the neighboring village, and founded the goat breeding cooperative, incorporating the whole village into the breeding cooperative, and developing a feasible dividend mechanism. After several years of concerted efforts in breeding management, the goat breeding cooperative had grown year by year. The area of the cooperative had also grown from a small shed farming in the past to a scale of nearly 500 square meters with more than 300 goats. Relying on the stable income from selling goats and goat dung, the current net profit of the cooperative reached more than 80,000 yuan, which directly led to the stable economic income of six poor households.

With the passage of time, the goat breeding cooperative began to show results, but Tsering Norbu was not satisfied with the status quo. He realized that the collective economic income of the village was still very simple, so he tried to borrow 500,000 yuan in 2014 (80% of which was raised by himself) to buy excavators, which were used for collecting rent by the village collective. After his own principal was recovered, he took out funds from the income of renting excavators to buy small seed planters and harvesters for each household of Gar group, so as to facilitate the masses to improve the level of agricultural mechanization and increase agricultural income. In 2015, considering that Gar group was located halfway up the mountain and farmland was scattered, Tsering Norbu discussed with the "two committees" of the village, held a villagers' congress with the consent of the masses, and raised funds to select a site to reclaim 60 mu of land in Gar group for agricultural planting, so as to further increase the economic income of the masses.

In 2017, under the active advocacy of Tsering Norbu and with the strong support of the governments of Nang County and Laduo Town, the Tangguola Prefabrication Co., Ltd. was established. It was the only enterprise in Laduo Town with an investment of 600,000 yuan. At present, it had realized the income of more than 300,000 yuan. This enterprise absorbed 5 poor households of Bailu Village. Each person can get an annual income of 28,000 yuan, having a sustained and stable economic source.

In his early years, Tsering Norbu studied professional painting. After returning to the village, he led 13 villagers who were interested in painting to learn systematic painting skills for free, so as to help them master a skill and increase their income.

No pains, no gains. Tsering Norbu gradually became better off, but he was not satisfied, because he was always thinking about the poor people's well-being. In order to help poor households build new housing, through communication and consultation, the Tangguola Prefabrication Co., Ltd. invested 30,000 yuan to provide building materials worth 30,000 yuan. In Bailu Village, Tsering Norbu also organized the "two committees", party members and villagers to help poor households to build houses.

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