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Entrepreneurial story of Ngawang Tenzin

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月08日 10:01

Ngawang Tenzin, a college graduate from Xiawa Village of Ngarzhag Town, Nanggarze County, Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is a entrepreneur who manages more than 100 employees.

In 2012, Ngawang Tenzin was admitted to Kunming Professional College of Arts in Yunnan province. Faced with the tuition fee of 9,000 yuan RMB per year and monthly living expenses, this poor family who had been living by grazing for generations was in a tight spot.

"I could work to earn my tuition and living expenses. I had to study anyway," Ngawang Tenzin recalled, "among 13 children of the same age in Xiawa Village, I was the only one who had received college education."

In the college, except trying very hard to learn knowledge, Ngawang Tenzin used most of her spare time to do part-time work to make money. In addition, he set up a street stall in Lhasa one year during his vacation to earn a semester's tuition." These experiences had strengthened my determination to start my own business," he said.

After graduation in 2015, Ngawang Tenzin worked in Tibet Langsang Education Public Examination Training Center. He was quickly promoted to marketing director because of his recruiting experience and outstanding performance.

"It's better to work for yourself than to work for someone else." In 2016, Ngawang Tenzin assembled his own team to recruit trainees for public examination training institutions.

At the beginning of the establishment of the team, the students they had recruited were not recognized by training institutions due to procedural problems. All the hard work was in vain. Ngawang Tenzin negotiated with training institutions, and finally earned their reward.

After the team got on track, Ngawang Tenzin began to develop other businesses. He tried to set up his own training school. "In order to save money, I cooked and cleaned for my teachers and students every day, and slept on the floor in the classroom in the evening,” he recalled.

As long as a person is willing to work hard, the career is sure to be successful. "I'm young, and I always feel that if I fail, I'll start over.Young people must dare to pursue their dreams," said Ngawang Tenzin.

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