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Ngawang Nyima: carving out a wonderful life with woodcarving skills

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月13日 17:30

Dombang Town is located in Zogang County, Qamdo City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, and it is famous for the folk houses.

Speaking of the woodcarving artisans, villagers will mention Ngawang Nyima who not only gets rich by virtue of this craft but also leads the local masses to embark on the road of prosperity together.

52-year-old Ngawang Nyima has been studying woodcarving since he was 13. In Dombang Town, the most typical folk houses are the Sherab Family's.

Ngawang Nyima says, "most of the existing ancient folk houses in Dombang are modeled after those of Sherab Family, which absorb the architectural style of Han, Tibetan and Naxi ethnic groups, and the woodcarving is vivid and original."

For a long time, Ngawang Nyima has taken the Sherab ancient folk houses as a model to learn from, speculate and apply.

The ancient folk houses of Padma Samdrup Family in Junyong Village is a representative work of Ngawang Nyima who has built them on the basis of understanding the architectural style of Sherab ancient folk houses. Besides, his exquisite carving skills can also be reflected on the Garsong Wangyel ancient folk houses.

One day in March 2014, Ngawang Nyima had an accident when riding a motorcycle to decorate in Ringo Town of Zogang County. He had a thigh injury and three ribs were broken. After recovering from the accident, he had trouble moving his legs.

In the process of healing, he had been thinking about how to make woodcarving better developed.

In April 2016, with the help of the national poverty alleviation policy, Ngawang Nyima established the woodcarving skill company. So far, the company has more than 30 apprentices and workers, more than 20 of them are registered poor households.

Lhosong Xizhu, a villager from Ngeshi Village of Dombang Town, has studied woodcarving skill in the company since 2016. Previously, he has been engaged in agriculture and cannot find other ways to make a living because of language, culture and other factors. However, under the guidance of Ngawang Nyima, Lhosong Xizhu's woodcarving skill is improved quickly. "I earn more than 30,000 yuan RMB a year now, which is much better than farming at home," says Lhosong Xizhu.

Nowadays, Ngawang Nyima's business has been expanded to surrounding cities and counties, and he has successfully carved out a wonderful life with his carving knife. But Ngawang Nyima thinks this is not enough. He says, "at present, the national policy is good and there is a lot of room for the woodcarving industry. I also want to grow the company by expanding the business, and lead more people to increase income while passing on woodcarving skills."

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