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Nyingchi achieved full coverage of automatic meteorological stations in 54 townships

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年10月09日 11:01

Recently, the 26 townships without meteorological stations in Nyingchi City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region have all built automatic meteorological stations within three months, marking the full coverage of automatic meteorological stations in 54 townships of 7 counties (districts) in Nyingchi, and realizing the goal of "having station in every township" for meteorological disaster prevention and reduction.

During the project construction, through comprehensively considering hidden danger points of mountain flood geological disaster, key planting areas, vital trafficroads, key monitoring areas of hydropower stations, border villages and other meteorological  situations, the Meteorological Bureau of Nyingchi City has built automatic meteorological stations with five elements in 26 poor and remote townships, which can collect meteorological data such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind direction and wind speed.

The full coverage of automatic meteorological stations in 54 townships in Nyingchi will further optimize the distribution of meteorological stations in Nyingchi, increase the density of meteorological disaster monitoring stations, and improve  meteorological monitoring, forecasting and service capabilities at the county and township levels, so as to provide support for meteorological disaster prevention, reduction and relief, ecological progress, poverty alleviation and so on.

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