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Doctor Tsultrim: remembering the kindness of the Party and serving the masses

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月06日 09:55

Tsultrim was born in Tima Village of Sogxung Town, Nyainrong County, Nagqu City in 1944.

Since his parents died, he grew up with his aunt. In memory, Tsultrim had been herding cattle and sheep when he was a child, and starvation and exposure were the norm.

"After the democratic reform in Tibet in 1959, what impressed me most as a teenager was that I could eat and clothe myself," said Tsultrim. From then on, he began to read books related to national policies in both Tibetan and Chinese with gratitude, hoping to become a person needed by the country.

"The good policy of the country in 1964 led me to become a doctor." At that time, the county government called in a film projectionist in each town, and Tsultrim was then recommended by Sogxung Town. However, he refused this good opportunity after thinking for a long time and proposed to become a doctor. "We didn't have a doctor in the whole village. When people got sick, they couldn't get timely treatment," said Tsultrim.

Knowing Tsultrim's intention, the county government arranged him to study in the county hospital. After mastering diagnosis, medicine dispensing, injection and other technologies, he returned to the village and became a village doctor, going out early and returning late every day to diagnose and treat villagers.

"In the old days, the town was covered with dirt roads, and when it rained, it was mud everywhere. I had to walk barefoot to the patient's house because my shoes were worn out by the long journey. Now there are smooth cement roads in all directions. Most of the villagers have bought transportation tools such as motorcycles, SUVs, pickup trucks and so on. It is very convenient for people to come to the health center as soon as they get sick. I hardly make house calls." Talking about the great changes in the lives of the people in his hometown these years, Tsultrim was very happy.

In 1976, Nyainrong County sent Tsultrim to Liaoning Province for four years of study. After the study, he came to the town health center to work. Because his home was far away, Tsultrim moved to the health center and only found time to go home once in half a year. "Now the road is better and the number of medical staff in the health center has increased to six. I can go home once a week," said Tsultrim.

"In October 2013, I was sent to Shanghai to attend the 4th China Maternal and Child Health Development Forum. It took me less than half a day to go from Nagqu to Lhasa by train and then to Shanghai by plane. Shanghai is really beautiful and prosperous, and it is very convenient to eat, live and travel. I really want to travel around all the cities in China and enjoy their different charms under the rapid development of the motherland," said Tsultrim.

At an age when he should have retired and lived comfortably, Tsultrim stuck to his job as usual. "Everything I have now is given by the Communist Party and the country, and I will devote all my efforts to the people of my hometown," said Tsultrim.

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