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Gonjo County holds cooking training for the poor

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月08日 09:47

To further do a good job in the transfer of rural surplus labor force and win the battle against poverty, recently, Gonjo County of Qamdo City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has held a Chinese cooking training class, with 50 people taking part in.

Lasting for 45 days, the training course is conducted in combination of culinary theory and practice. In the training, the teacher introduces the selection of food materials, seasoning collocation and other theoretical knowledge in detail. Meanwhile, the teacher also teaches the way of cutting vegetables. For students who can't cut vegetables, the teacher will teach one to one.

The head of the training class says, "this training is an important measure to help the poor grasp employment skills and expand employment channels, as well as a key means to help poverty alleviation. I hope the students can cherish this opportunity, study hard, master a skill, rely on their hard work to broaden the way to get rich, and live a happy life."

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