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Rinbung relocated households receive cooperative dividends

By Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron Source:China Tibet News 2019年12月27日 09:54

"Now we live in the new houses, and get jobs in front of the doors, receive wages monthly and dividends annually. That's all benefitted from the great policies of the Party, and words of thanks are too much to say." Kelsang Phunsok gratefully said on December 5th, at Rinbung County relocation site, when he received 1,000 yuan RMB of cooperative dividends from Dorje Gyaltsen.

Dorje Gyaltsen is the legal person of Garzhu Tibetan Medical Incense Processing Farmers & Herdsmen Specialized Cooperative in Rampa Town of Rinbung County, Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, as well as a foregoer of becoming rich in Garzhu Village. Driven by the national poverty alleviation policy and the strong support of county committee and government, Dorje Gyaltsen actively developed his entrepreneurship and won the Xigaze Youth Entrepreneur Award. The production scale of the cooperative has been expanding year by year, and its products cover over 10 kinds of products, including Tibetan medical incense and ethnic handicraft.

When Dorje Gyaltsen became rich, he didn't forget his village fellows. He took the initiative and offered 34 working posts in his cooperative for people of Rinbung relocation site, with a basic monthly salary of 1,680 yuan RMB, and an annually dividend of 1,000 yuan RMB for each one.

In recent years, Rinbung County poverty alleviation industry group has made scientific and rational planning, and supported the industries that can help people get out of poverty, effectively enabling the relocated families to live a steady happy life.

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