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Kelsang: not of being overwhelmed by difficulties

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月06日 09:49

Kelsang was born in1995 to a poor family in Pu Village, Mangpu Town, Lhaze County, Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Encouraged by the Party's targeted poverty alleviation policy, he was self-reliant and worked hard to change the condition of poverty and backwardness.

In 2015, Kelsang's mother was diagnosed with heart disease that required long-term medication. His father needed to take care of his mother and was unable to work outside. His brother was still in school. The change of the family made Kelsang have to drop out of school to work.

In 2016, Kelsang was found to have scoliosis after falling on his motorcycle on his way home. As the breadwinner of the family, his sudden illness made the poor family even worse. After the diagnosis, the treatment surgery costed 210,000 yuan RMB. If he was not timely treated within a year, he will be paralyzed for life.

"When I heard the news, I immediately felt that there was no future for me." Kelsang recalled. In order to cover the cost of the operation, his father began to borrow money.

In 2016, after the targeted poverty alleviation work was carried out, Kelsang's family was included into the registered poor households in Mangpu Town. Village task force, village cadres, and partner assistance cadres went into Kelsang's home many times to help solve their difficulties in life.

For the disease of Kelsang, the Party committee and government of Mangpu Town, as well as village task force actively consulted about relevant hospitals, and learned that the Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, affiliated hospital of Shanghai Second Military Medical University, could treat the disease. Kelsang refused treatment for fear of being unable to pay the huge medical bill.

Therefore, the Health Commission, Civil Affairs Bureau, and government of Lhaze County, as well as the village task force explained health poverty alleviation, social security and other policies to him, gradually eliminating his concerns. The Party committee and government of Mangpu Town paid 150,000 yuan RMB of medical expenses for him, letting Kelsang's family see the hope of life.

In February 2017, Kelang was given the chance to go to Shanghai for surgery. During the treatment, Kelsang actively participated in the treatment and rehabilitation training. A year later, he was fully recovered.

"Under the good policies of the Party and the state, I, a poor family member, have been treated, giving me a healthy body and the ability to create a happy life with my hands. Thank you very much indeed!" Kelsang said excitedly.

According to the targeted poverty alleviation policy, in 2018, Kelsang was reimbursed 195,000 yuan RMB for medical expenses and received 10,000 yuan RMB of civil aid. The transportation expenses and living expenses of more than 80,000 yuan RMB incurred during the treatment could only be paid by himself.

Instead of being overwhelmed by difficulties, Kelsang found another way out of life. In the face of the treatment debt, he resolutely participated in the painting skills training which was organized by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Lhaze County, and determined to earn money and pay debt through his own hard-working.

While taking part in training, Kelsang also repeatedly visited painting masters in the county to learn painting skills. By studying hard and working hard, in less than a year, he had become a renowned painting craftsmen, and more and more furniture companies looked for him to do teaching and painting work. Kelsang's annual net income reached 80,000 yuan RMB.

"In my most difficult time, it was the Party and the state that helped me get timely treatment. I could no longer face the party and the government to ask for help. I wanted to rely on my own hands to make money and let my family live a happy life!" He said.

Now, Kelsang is a well-known "celebrity" in the neighborhood, and his inspirationalstory has become a model for the masses. Not only does he pays off all his medical bills, but he also buys new furniture and renovates his home, lifting his family out of poverty in 2019.

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