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Tashi Namgyal: starting a business with interest

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月08日 10:03

Tashi Namgyal, who graduated from Sichuan Panzhihua University in 2018, changed his mind and decided to start a business when he learned about the reform of the civil service exam in his junior year. In the summer vacation, he was busy looking for the interested and competent entrepreneurial way through browsing the Internet and books. In a classmate party, Tashi Namgyal and Siduo Tsering talked about entrepreneurship. As Siduo Tsering was very interested in photography, they decided to open a wedding company. With the help of Siduo Tsering, Tashi Namgyal's photography skill and picture processing technology were improved.

After graduation, with the support of the Employment Bureau of Qamdo City, Tashi Namgyal and Siduo Tsering received 50,000 yuan RMB of start-up capital respectively and three houses in the start-up park. In June this year, the Tibet Zheyike Wedding Service Co., Ltd. was officially opened.

Remembering the early days of entrepreneurship, Tashi Namgyal said, "at the beginning, I was afraid to photograph for customers, and I was also nervous under great pressure. Fortunately, some customers liked to tell jokes, and I gradually relaxed. The effect of photography was also very good. Now we tell jokes to ease the nerves of our clients." The company's business scope involves wedding photography, portrait photography, family photos and so on. In just four months, Tashi Namgyal's company has taken photos for more than 40 couples.

"Now there are more and more wedding photography companies in Qamdo. I hope my company can stand out, and we will continue to improve the quality of service to win everyone's trust," said Tashi Namgyal firmly.

At present, the company's profits are used to buy new equipment. In the near future, with the support of good entrepreneurial policies, Tashi Namgyal and Siduo Tsering's efforts will be rewarded accordingly, and the road to entrepreneurship will be more and more smooth.

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