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Tibet to build a planetarium

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-12-07

As an important window to display Tibet's special geographical location and atmospheric superiority conditions, a Tibetan planetarium is under construction. It is an important sign reflecting the level of science, culture and social development in Tibet. It will bring a process that exhibition and education becoming the public's learning and exploration of astronomical knowledge. Meanwhile the Tibetan planetarium will serve as a scientific research station for astronomical experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which will help the achievements of astronomical scientific research transformed into the contents of astronomical popular science education in time, and popularize astronomical science through astronomical scientific research, as well as improve the innovation and development of science and technology in the whole region.

This planetarium, providing necessary research platform as well as working and living conditions for Chinese astronomical research experts, will become an important place for those experts when carrying out astronomical research in Tibet. At the same time, it will provide a propaganda platform for various exhibitions, scientific training, scientific experiments and lectures in the region, effectively enhance the coverage and effectiveness of science popularity, as well as play the main role in disseminating scientific and technological knowledge through vigorously promoting the spirit of science, guiding young students to participate actively in scientific experiments, and revealing the mystery of the universe from a scientific point of view. Furthermore, the planetarium will promote the whole society to form a lifestyle advocating science and healthy civilization, push the development of economy driven by scientific and technological innovation, and achieve a higher qualified, more efficient and more sustainable economic and social development in the region.

On the basis of the exhibition function plan of the Tibetan planetarium, it is divided into two parts: permanent exhibition hall and scientific research hall. According to the operation data of the Tibetan Natural Science Museum in the past year, annual reception of the planetarium is expected to reach 100,000 people and they can receive astronomical science education there.[liu Fang, Hu Wen]

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