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Changdu Vocational and Technical School cooperates with enterprises to reform courses

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-12-04

Since 2012, Changdu Vocational and Technical School has changed its development strategy and promoted the comprehensive effect of vocational education by focusing on the key majors, including Tibetan medical treatment and Tibetan medicine, nursing, power supply technology and others.

Running school jointly with enterprises. Enterprises provide funds and develop courses for the school, and provide apprenticeships and employment posts for students; school trains qualified employees and skilled personnel, and develops scientific research projects as well as new products for enterprises; school and enterprises exchange teachers and employees with each other to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation. Since 2012, the Changdu Vocational and Technical School has signed order-type training agreements with the Health Bureau, Cultural Bureau, Poverty Alleviation Office and Yulong Copper Mine of Chamdo City, training 860 students including 300 graduates and 560 students. In 2015, the school signed an order-type training agreement with the Poverty Alleviation Office of Nagqu City for Tibetan medical treatment and Tibetan medicine. 

To further strengthen the pertinence of subjects and majors, Changdu Vocational and Technical School has made cooperation with enterprises: enterprises invest in schools to set up majors, and enterprises send teachers to schools to work as part-time teachers. The school provides teaching places and manages students, during which students can obtain training opportunities for post skills provided by enterprises, and after graduation, students can enter the enterprises and become regular employees. At present, the school has established off-campus learning bases in enterprises and institutions such as Tibetan hospitals, people's hospitals, kindergartens of Chamdo City and so on, forming a mechanism of cooperation and exchange. Since 2012, the employment rate of the school reached over 95%, which effectively met the needs of enterprises.

According to the actual needs, the school has reformed the curriculum, reformed the traditional "2+1" school system, and implemented the teaching mode of combining theory with practice. At the same time, the school has reformed the examination methods, promoted the separation of teaching and examination, paid attention to the assessment of students' analytical ability, problem-solving ability as well as technical application ability in the content of examination; and the school has combined enterprise assessment with school assessment in terms of ability assessment, and adopted the ways of "open-book test + closed-book test", "written test + oral test" and "practical operation + defense" to improve students' comprehensive ability. [Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan]

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