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Lhasa: sanitation company pays housing provident fund for its workers

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-12-06

In order to improve the welfare treatment of sanitation workers and protect their vital interests, Jie Da Sanitation Company of Lhasa City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region pays housing provident fund for its 2,116 sanitation workers recently.

Sanitation workers are the guardians of urban environment; they adorn the city with their industrious hands. In a civilized society, they deserve respect and treatment that are commensurate with the value of their labor; they should be concerned by relevant departments and all sectors of society. Since 2012, Chengguan District has bought endowment insurance, industrial injury insurance, regular insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, personal accident insurance, group insurance and other eight kinds of insurance for them, which has effectively solved these workers' medical care, pension and other problems.

At the time when cities across the country are striving to become civilized, the whole society should respect the fruits of sanitation workers' efforts and be grateful for their hard work.

The city consciously cares about the needs of sanitation workers, takes the initiative to create and improve their working and living conditions, reflecting the progress of urban managers and the whole society's recognition of these workers' labor value, highlights the progress of urban civilization.

The society need to further create a good atmosphere in which all sanitation workers working hard and earning low wages being respected, understood and supported. We appeal to every citizen to improve their sense of social responsibility, set up a conscious effort to maintain environmental hygiene.[Liu Fang, Hu Wen]

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