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17th Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival to kick off on Mar. 29, 2019

By Liu Fang, He Huizhong Source:China Tibet News 2019年03月27日 09:45


Photo shows the amazing peach blossom scenery in Nyingchi, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. [China Tibet News /Li Haixia]


Photo shows tourists taking pictures at a garden of peach flowers in full blossom in Nang County of Nyingchi. [China Tibet News /Pan Lu]

微信图片_20190325165934 2.jpg

A peach tree in full bloom at the foot of a hill in Nyingchi. [China Tibet News /Zhi Xinghua]

微信图片_20190325170007 3.jpg

The peach blossoms come into full bloom in Nyingchi. [China Tibet News /Zhi Xinghua]

微信图片_20190325170040 6.jpg

The peach blossoms are everywhere in March, Nyingchi. [China Tibet News /Zhi Xinghua]

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 60th anniversary of Democratic Reform in Tibet Autonomous Region. At this important historical moment, the 17th Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival will be held in China's Tibet Autonomous Region. In recent days, Nyingchi City has held a press conference of 17th Peach Blossom Tourism & Culture Festival to promote and publicize the festival to the outside world.

According to the press conference, the 17th Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival, themed as "Pristine land of the world · Stunningly beautiful Nyingchi", will kick off on March 29 in Gala Village of Nyingchi's Bayi District. On the occasion, tourists can enjoy the sight of bloomed peach blossoms. During this year's Peach Blossom Festival, more than 10 featured activities such as the opening ceremony, art performance, food exhibition, Nyingchi-featured products exhibition and other activities will be launched. Currently, peach flowers in Nyingchi area have already begun to blossom. Due to various climates, elevations and terrains, the blossoming times of peach flowers differ, too. The best time to enjoy the sight of peach flowers is about 40 days between March and April, when Nyingchi will become an ocean of flowers.

Meanwhile, in order to expand the brand range of peach blossom festival, sub-venues will be set up and unique folk cultural activities will be launched in 5 counties and 1 district except Metok County, which will show prosperity, harmony, health, green and beauty of Nyingchi to tourists from home and abroad.

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