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Tunggar Village: pepper planting industry brings wealth

By Liu Fang, He Huizhong Source:China Tibet News 2019年04月11日 09:46

Tunggar Village of Nang County in Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is located in the middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River. In recent years, relying on its unique geographical advantages, convenient transportation and suitable climatic conditions, it has vigorously seized market opportunities and developed pepper planting industry to help local villages getting rid of poverty. 

Langdun Pepper Professional Cooperative has been established in 2010, mainly produced paprika, chilli sauce, walnut oil and other products in Nang County. Since the establishment, the cooperative has created employment opportunities for local villagers, which has greatly injected a strong impetus into the poverty alleviation work.

In 2016, Nang County's Poverty Alleviation and Development Office have invested 2.75 million yuan RMB to build 60 high-efficiency and energy-saving greenhouses for local impoverished households at Tunggar Village. Currently, the planting area of pepper has exceeded 80%, and that of cucumber, endive sprout and other vegetables has approached 20% in the greenhouses.

With the support of local government, the cooperative has registered a brand "Langdun" to strengthen local collective economy and increase villagers' income. Products of the cooperative have mainly sold to Nyingchi, Shannan, Xigaze, Lhasa and other places.

Pepper planting industry has now become one of the most important driving forces of local economy, the popularity of "Langdun" has been increased from place to place.

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