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Series of reviews on commemorating 60th anniversary of democratic reform in Tibet

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua, He Huizhong Source:China Tibet News 2019年04月17日 10:11

Tibet Daily has published a series of reports on the 60th anniversary of the democratic reform in Tibet. This article excerpts the 10th of the reviews.

Ngabo Village of Gongbo'gyamda County, Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, was once the site of Ngabo Manor. Before the democratic reform, having enough food to eat was serfs' extravagant hope. The democratic reform changed everything. In 2018, the economic income of Ngabo Village reached 5.72 million yuan RMB, and the per capita annual net income exceeded 20,000 yuan RMB.

Over the past 60 years, Tibet has stepped from a stormy old society to a new era full of vitality. At the course of 60 years, every progress in Tibet's development could not be achieved without the strong support of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

Currently, Tibet enjoys economic prosperity and development, all-round social progress, good ecological environment and happy lives of people.

Economy developed by leaps and bounds

The GDP of Tibet has increased from 174 million yuan RMB in 1959 to 147.763 billion yuan RMB in 2018, maintaining rapid growth for many years. The per capita GDP has increased from 142 yuan RMB in 1959 to 43,398 yuan RMB in 2018.

Infrastructure conditions promoted greatly

Nowadays, Tibet has basically formed a comprehensive stereoscopic traffic network composed of highway, railway and aviation. In old Tibet, there was only a small hydropower station serving for aristocrats, but now, an integrated energy system with hydropower as the main part and oil, gas and renewable energy as complementary parts has basically been formed.

People's living standards improved significantly

In 2018, the per capita disposable income of urban residents has reached 33,797 yuan RMB, and that of rural residents has reached 11,450 yuan RMB. Radio, television, communications, internet and other modern means of information transmission have developed in step with the whole nation and even the world.

Basic public services enhanced continuously

Tibet's social undertakings have developed in an all-round way, and the social security system has been continuously improved. The average life expectancy has increased from 35.5 years in 1959 to 68.2 years in 2018.

Ecological environment protected well

At present, major rivers and lakes in Tibet have been basically remained in natural state, and its good air quality rate has reached 98.5%. On the whole, Tibet has basically maintained the original state of nature and kept being one of the best environmental quality areas in the world.

In 2019, Tibet will speed up the construction of modern economic system, focus on ensuring and improving people's livelihood, enhance people's sense of gaining, happiness and security, as well as promote the sustainable and healthy economic development and social stability, laying a decisive foundation for building a moderately well-off society in an all-round way.

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