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Bainang's featured products marketing abroad

By Liu Fang, He Huizhong Source:China Tibet News 2019年04月22日 09:55

In 2018, Bainang County introduced several large-scale enterprises with advanced technologies and industrial advantages like Shouguang Vegetable Industry Group from Shandong Province, so as to make efforts to create a regional public brand of "colorful holy land · organic Bainang", and develop its characteristic industries.

Supported by government's preferential policies, Bainang County built an organic highland barley demonstration base covering an area over 6.7 km² and promoted the planting of highland barley varieties in 2018. New achievements were made in the research and deep processing of highland barley products. "Zanba" (roasted highland barley flour) was sold to other provinces of China; the high-quality highland barley entered the American market, too. 

In 2018, 155 new and efficient vegetable greenhouses were built in Bainang County, the planting area of fruit and vegetable reached 9.6 km², the output of vegetables exceeded 53,000 tons. It has been planned the newly increased output value exceeding 100 million yuan RMB this year, and vegetable income accounting for 25% of farmers' and herdsmen's income. The county introduced 18 new fruit and vegetable varieties with better adaptability such as cucumber, tomato, as well as cauliflower, promoted comprehensive development of agriculture and animal husbandry, tourism, culture and other industries by adopting the model of "ecology +tourism", realizing 1.2 million yuan RMB income from selling fruits and vegetables, and the annual income of tourism was estimated to reach 2.1 million yuan RMB in 2019.

In recent years, the county implemented the project of plateau organic wolfberry industry including planting wolfberry, processing wolfberry products, etc. to create employment opportunities for local villagers.

Simultaneously, Bainang County inherited ethnic characteristic culture and encouraged the diversified development of the ethnic handicraft industry such as Tibet wool, Tibetan boots and Tibetan incense, expanded the market in other cities. Thangkas were favored by collectors of Shanghai and some local featured products were exported to Europe and America.

Relying on the advantages of e-commerce, the county further promoted the operational mode of "Internet + modern agriculture", and the e-commerce coverage of villages reached 100% in 2018.

Recently, the county's volume of online shopping and agricultural products reached 906,800 yuan RMB, greatly driving the development of local economy.

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