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Lhasa Railway Station saw first peak passenger flow

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月13日 09:58

As Lhasa has entered the summer holiday travel rush on July 1st, Tibet's peak tourism season is coming. The railway station becomes the most densely populated place in Lhasa City, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. From July 1 to 24, Lhasa Railway Station sent out about 185,040 passengers and received 219,696 people in total, with a daily average passenger number of 7,710 out and 9,154 in. On July 21, the number of passengers leaving at Lhasa Railway Station amounted to 9,909, which marked the first peak passenger flow since the beginning of summer holiday travel rush. 

The passenger flow consists of tourists traveling to Tibet, students and passengers going to Xigaze for family visit or business. Meanwhile, demand for sleeping berths among tourist traveling to Tibet surges. Recently, it is hard to get train tickets from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Chengdu to Lhasa. Tickets from Xining to Lhasa are relatively sufficient. Lhasa Railway Station has added extra passenger trains since July 1, so as to deal with the summer travel rush.

According to Lhasa Railway Station, from July 5 to Aug 31, Z9801/2 from Lhasa to Xigaze is in operation. From July 1 to Aug 31, Z9813 and Z9815 from Xining to Lhasa are operated. From July 2 to Sep 1, Z9816 from Lhasa to Xining is added. From July 3 to Sep 2, Z9814 from Lhasa to Xining is added. From June 28 to July 31, Z9803/4 from Lhasa to Nagqu is in operation. 

Currently, there are 10 vending machines at Lhasa railway station in order to shorten service time; staffs are around these machines to offer help.

Lhasa Railway Station also has launched special services for the old, sick, children, pregnant women and military personnel, who can call the railway customer service hotline "12306" two hours before departure if helps needed. Two shared power banks are placed in the waiting room, providing free charging services to passengers.

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