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Characteristic Lulang Town attracts visitors from all over the world

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月13日 17:34

Lulang Town is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, 80 kilometers east of Bayi Town, Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Climbing over the Shergyla Mountain along the National Highway 318, Lulang Town comes into view. There are flower sea, forest sea, Zhaxigang folk village, national forest park, etc., as well as all kinds of delicious food and special homestays, which constitute the unique scenery of the town.

Mountains, valleys, meadows, forests, lakes, rivers and other natural landscapes, as well as rich Tibetan culture, provide a high-quality basis for the development of leisure tourism in Lulang. From March 2013, with the assistance of Guangdong Province, Nyingchi City launched the construction of the characteristic town of Lulang, which was put into use in October 2016. A tourism-based town is emerging.

Palbar, party secretary of Lulang Town, said that last year, Lulang received 11.154 million tourists, and the tourism revenue reached 69.368 million yuan RMB, of which, the total income of local farmers and herdsmen involved in tourism-related industries is about 8 million yuan RMB, with a per capita net income of 21,000 yuan RMB. Lulang became a veritable well-off town.

Kongpo culture: soul of Lulang

During the May Day holiday this year, He Ming who travelled to Lulang for the first time, was deeply attracted by architectures, customs, costumes and food that were different from those in other parts of Tibet. "I heard that the Tibetan New Year was very bustling here. I would come to see it then," he said.

If forest sea and flower sea constitute the appearance of Lulang, then the unique Kongpo culture is the soul. Lulang is located in the core area of Tibetan Kongpo culture, which has unique architectures, folk customs, costumes, food, marriage and other culture. 

Under the promotion of the local government, Kongpo culture has gradually become the name card of Lulang. At the Maker Space of Lulang, the exhibition of Kongpo culture becomes a highlight to attract tourists. At the same time, characteristic Kongpo industries are also been booming. "To some extent, the development of characteristic homestays promotes the protection of Kongpo culture. The benefits that homestays bring propel local people to protect these things of their own free will, which is more effective than any policy," says a worker in Lulang Town.

Smart tourism: online and offline

To create an international tourism town as the overall design goal, Lulang enhances the local tourism information service level by adopting full network, informationization, big data and other means, improves the tourism services supporting network construction, opens up two-way interaction between online and offline, sets up dynamic VR, Lulang wise tour guide, sand table promotional video and other equipment, and builds informationized tourist service center. Tourists can see the information of food, accommodation, travel and shopping in Lulang through videos and pictures.

In addition, Internet marketing is also an important part of smart tourism, which is a big extension of tourism industry. According to local tourism resources, Lulang vigorously promotes Lulang on WeChat, Microblog, Sina, Sohu and other platforms, improving the reputation and popularity of network marketing, and basically forming an all-media marketing model.

Maker Space and homestays: integrated industrial development

Lulang Maker Space was officially launched in June 2016. It is the first entrepreneurship industrial park in Nyingchi City, covering an area of 20,000 square meters with a total investment of about 130 million yuan RMB. It is dedicated to building a maker space incubation base, high-tech talent gathering place, targeted poverty alleviation platform and Tibetan art and culture exhibition base. Moreover, the Maker Space actively connects with enterprises, establishes cooperation alliances with more than 10 enterprises, and builds a good chain platform of "enterprise + talent + technology". In addition, local featured products can be seen for on-site exhibition and online sales, and local featured culture of Lulang can be demonstrated on the spot to vividly present its cultural characteristics.

In order to encourage local farmers and herdsmen to open homestays, the local tourism poverty alleviation fund has been set up. By applying for a special fund, farmers and herdsmen can not only repair homestays, but also improve the service facilities, upgrade the hardware and software equipment, and create Tibetan homestays with characteristics and styles, which greatly improve the ability of local people to become self-reliant. Many tourists like the local homestays very much, which enable them to feel the authentic Tibetan folk houses in Lulang, taste the Tibetan milk tea, and deeply experience the Tibetan life.

Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of Lulang, more and more people come here for tourism, investment and business development, and the income and living standards of local farmers and herdsmen are significantly improved.

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