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Entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation dream of Dawa Dondrup

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月08日 09:48

Dawa Dondrup is born into a poor peasant family, but he is unwilling to accept the status quo. Looking back on his entrepreneurial experience, we can see the young man's strong will and determination to repay his hometown. He often says, "it has been my dream for many years to lead the masses in my hometown to get rich together."

In 2007, Dawa Dondrup graduated from the university. In 2008, he co-founded Tibet Fumin Energy Development Engineering Co., Ltd. with a friend, and obtained the fund on the way to entrepreneurship. In 2010, he personally invested and established the Lhasa Longda Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.. The company is mainly engaged in animation production, film and television innovation, film and television translation and e-commerce, and is oriented to promote national culture. At present, it has created and launched several classic works.

Over the years, Lhasa Longda Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. has been committed to promoting employment of college students and poverty alleviation related work. To encourage more college students to get involved in entrepreneurship, the company has set up a "Longda media grant" in Xizang Minzu University, which provides financial assistance to 10 outstanding college students from poor families every year. Now there are more than 100 employees in the company, including 43 college students who have signed long-term labor contracts with the company. Some college students' employment difficulties have been effectively solved.

In 2016, in response to the targeted poverty alleviation policy, Dawa Dondrup invested nearly 5 million yuan RMB to set up the Yimin Agricultural Products Development Co., Ltd. of Drachi Town, Zhanang County.

To better play to the role of the company in terms of poverty alleviation, the Yimin Agricultural Products Development Co., Ltd. has constantly improved agricultural products research and sales work, increased the absorption of surplus labor from local poor households, and implemented the management mode of "households + company".

"I don't just want to start a business for myself," Dawa Dondrup says, "I want more people to start a business like me, realize their dreams of becoming rich with their own hands, and share the fruits of their business with those who need them."

On the road to entrepreneurship, Dawa Dondrup always adheres to the original intention of repaying his hometown, realizing his dream of entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation.

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