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A Nyingchi boy works in Hunan Province

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年12月04日 09:46

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Photo shows Hu Jiapeng working at his office.

"This is the '12333' hotline of human resources and social security. What can I do for you?" asks Hu Jiapeng, who is on duty. He responds to relevant questions patiently and earnestly.

Hu Jiapeng, a Tibetan boy, works for the Labor and Social Security Inspection Team of Hengyang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Hu comes from Zayu County of Nyingchi, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region (T.R.A.).

"My father's hometown is Tianshui, northwest China's Gansu province. My mother is a Tibetan woman. Although I don't look like an ethnic Tibetan, I am truly one," says Hu, "I decide to work here because I am young and want to seize every opportunity."

After graduating from China Pharmaceutical University in 2017, Hu wanted to go back to his hometown and live with his parents at first. He had prepared for T.R.A. civil service exam and worked for a local company,  but didn't settle down. In 2018, he took a civil service exam for Tibet's ethnic college graduates and passed it, then began to work in Hengyang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

"My parents live in Nyingchi's Zayu County. My brother works in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. At the beginning, they didn't agree me working in another province. However, I didn't want to give up this opportunity." Hu says. At last, he persuaded his parents and persisted in his choice.

Hu's major is biotechnology, which is not related to his work. What's more, Hengyang, where he works, is far away from his hometown, but he works hard and learns diligently.

"12333" hotline is a platform offering people policies and information concerning to human resources and social security. Following the idea of "listening carefully, serving sincerely", Hu answers questions and solve problems for the masses, and actively publicizes relevant laws as well as regulations of labor and social security inspection in his work, which greatly improve public awareness of labor laws and regulations.

"He is modest and gentle. He works on time, never leaves early and stick to his working post even when he is sick," says Peng Qingheng, the team leader of Hu's department. "He was infected with measles not long before and allowed to take days off. However, he went back to work before being fully recovered."

"We are mainly responsible for work related to labor inspection and safeguard and need to learn over 50 laws and regulations. Hu has been working hard and learning them diligently since he began to work in August."

Only after three months, Hu is able to deal with issues of arrears of wages to migrant workers, account opening of social security, pension security and the identification of injure accident. Hu feels happy when he helps people with their difficulties.

"Labor and social security inspection is a meaningful work which concerns public interests. Doing a good job is the best recognition and encourage for me." Hu says. In Hengyang, Hu Jiapeng finally finds his own living style.

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