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Tibet's Xigaze builds its own cultural brands

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年12月09日 10:52

In order to build its own cultural brands, Xigaze City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has advanced "culture +" and integrated tourism industry, cultural performance industry, national handicrafts industry and trade exhibition industry since the beginning of this year.

Under the Belt and Road Initiative, Xigaze City builds the China Tibet Mt. Qomolangma Culture & Tourism Innovation Industrial Park centering on the display of Tibetan culture, Mt. Qomolangma sports experience, Tibetan medicine healthcare and leisure tourism. These functions of this state-level industrial park cover culture showcase, art performance, culture innovation, industry incubation, sports and exquisite hotels. The park will promote high-quality development of local cultural industry after being put into use.

In terms of Thangka industry, Xigaze City sets up Tibet Xigzae Thangka Association consisting of Thangka Academy and Thangka Appraisal Committee. It has hosted the second Tibet Culture & Tourism Training for Management Talents and the Training of Tibet's Thangka Inheritors. In order to cultivate Thangka painting talents, the city signed agreements with 100 Thangka artists for talents training, with a standard of 15,000 yuan RMB for each artist as the support for this program. In addition, some private Thangka companies, with strong innovation capacity and huge development potential, have made significant progress and worked harder to enhance competitiveness.

What's more, Xigaze City has made great efforts to develop the national handicraft industry, which has realized a transformation from ethnic necessities to tourism souvenirs. The city also supports traditional crafts to combine market demand for innovation, and mainly develops Tibetan incenses, Tibetan carpets, Tibet knives and other products with unique characteristics. Now, there are over 5,000 national handicrafts cooperatives in the whole city, and absorbsover 10,000 people engaging in this field.

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