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Karma Norbu's entrepreneurial story: the "profound" Tibetan pillows

By Zhi Xinghua, Tenzin Sydron Source:China Tibet News 2019年12月31日 09:47

The annual Yarlung Commodity Fair kicked off as scheduled in Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, attracting nearly 3,600 merchants.

Going into Luqiong Market of Zetang District, the vast place is full of people who are selecting goods, and the trading scenes can be seen everywhere. The merchants are sorting out their goods for sale, and introducing them to the passing crowd at the same time.

At the exhibition area of Zhanang County, there is a stall displaying Tibetan pillows named "Tashi Dargye", with ethnic characteristic, attracting many people to stop by.

"Tashi Dargye", also known as "The Eight Auspicious Symbols", which is the most common and profound combination type of Tibetan painting, is mostly used in murals, as well as gold, silver, bronze, and wood sculptures.

"Fashionable pillow, 75 yuan RMB per pillow, 560 yuan RMB per set..." The person who is introducing "Tashi Dargye" pillows to customers is Karma Norbu, a villager of Gyeru Village of Zhanang County.

Speaking of Karma Norbu, he has begun to follow his cousin to make traditional Tibetan cushion since he graduated from middle school, but the products were not competitive because every merchants could make them. Therefore, he started to thinking about innovation. He paid attention to every detail in the life, and found that all the relatives and friends around him like to use "Tashi Dargye" paintings with auspicious meanings as decoration. So he thought about making a product combining "Tashi Dargye" painting with throw pillow.

With his family's help, he raised 50,000 yuan RMB for learning the design, manufacture, production and sale of pillow. Within a few years, a batch of pillows named "Tashi Dargye" have been made, and also got the recognition from customers. Many people around Zhanang County are attracted by his pillow, and he can earn 20,000 to 30,000 yuan RMB per year. Sometimes the demand even exceeds supply.

"Our pillows have many colors, which are very popular among the young people. This is the first time we sell them at the commodity fair. We sold over 3,500 yuan RMB on the first day." Karma Norbu says when picking out pillows for customers. "The pillows are not expensive, and they look great on the car or the couch."

"The commodity fair is not only a platform for trading goods, but also the best place for promoting new products. Seeing the pillows are so popular, I decide to open a store in Shannan City," he confidently says.

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