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Nyingchi adheres to ecological protection

By Zhi Xinghua, Hu Wen Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月03日 09:38

Once dirty, messy and poor, Shipa Village of Dorje Town, Bomi County, Nyingchi City, Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, now has pleasant scenery, letting people linger on.

Villager Tsering said, "just few years ago, the trees on the hill near Shipa Village had been decimated. When it was windy and rainy, the whole village was covered with mud and garbage. Besides, the incessant dust often caused damage to fields and houses. Then, under the strict regulation of the government and extensive publicity and education, the villagers gradually stopped littering and cutting down trees. Now, our village has become the benchmark of rural environmental management in Dorje Town."

A good ecological environment is the most beneficial to people's livelihood, the growth point for people's happy life and the support point for sustained and healthy economic and social development. In recent years, the Party committee and government of Nyingchi City have attached great importance to civilization building and environmental protection and actively promoted the work of green ecological civilization to create a good environment.

In addition, Nyingchi City has carried out large-scale land greening activities. "Now, we are pleased with such good environment," said a citizen named Drolkar.

In recent five years, Nyingchi City has planted a total of 2.4 hectares of trees, controlled 3 hectares of desertificated land, afforested 73 hectares of urban land, completed more than 1086 hectares of plateau ecological security barrier, and effectively carried out a number of ecological engineering construction projects, such as natural forest protection, conversion of farmland to forest and grassland, closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation, rural greening, and desertification prevention.

"Nyingchi City will continue to consolidate and promote the achievements of ecological civilization construction, strive to explore the ecological construction road with Nyingchi characteristics, and build it into a model city for the protection of ecological resources, the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and the construction of ecological civilization," said a relevant responsible person of Nyingchi City Bureau of Ecology and Environment.

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