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Gyacai: national flag old man

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月09日 09:42

Sentang Village of Datang Town, Biru County, Nagqu City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is located at the foot of Nala Snow Mountain. Under the blue sky, national flags are are fluttering on the roofs of every house, among which one has six national flags on its roof. This is Gyacai's house, who is known as "national flag old man".

Wearing a pair of black frame glasses, the voice of Gyacai is a little hoarse, which is the impression he makes on reporters. When asked why he wants to hang the six national flags, Gyacai says excitedly, "I want to thank the Party's kindness!"

The Communist Party gives me a new life

Before the peaceful liberation of Tibet, 92-year-old Gyacai's family of eight lived in a black tent, starving all day and without any decent clothes. At that time, the most precious thing in the family was a small old wooden box, which would be filled with a little fried highland barley. Every day Gyacai's mother scooped out a small bowl of fried highland barley and immediately locked it up. The whole family lived on the mash made by this small bowl of highland barley.

"The tent was confiscated by the chieftain because we could not pay the taxes. We picked up stones and built a shabby housein which the whole family lived." The old man's eyes were moist as he recalled.

It was not until the advent of the democratic revolution in 1959 that his life changed. "Thanks to the Communist Party!" Gyacai kept repeating, "after the Communist Party came, I got the land, cattle and sheep. I became the master of my own fate and really stood up.”

Six national flags flutter on the roof

After the democratic reform, especially the reform and opening up, the life of Gyacai's family is more prosperous.

"National flag is the symbol of the country. The Communist Party of China leads the people to build a great motherland. We have been enjoying the kindness of the Party. Hanging national flag is to feel the grace of the Party!" Gyacai said in plain language. The old man recalled that it had been 30 years since he first hung the national flag.

"He was the first person in the county who took the initiative to hang the national flag," said Zhula, Party branch secretary of Sentang Village.

When asked why Gyacai's roof had six national flags. The old man said, "in the beginning, my national flag on the roof was occasionally stolen." Although after many years, Gyacaiwas still indignant.

"I must let the national flag flutter high and let everyone thank the Party for its kindness! Whenever the bad guy stole one national flag, I would hang two. I determined not to give in to them!" Since then, the national flag has been flying on the roof of Gyacai's house, from one to six, and Gyacai has become the famous "national flag old man".

Thanks to the Party's kindness forever

"The Party is the mother, and we are the children. Without mother, I wouldn't have the happy life I have today!" This is the words that the old man often says. He has witnessed the tremendous changes in his hometown. In recent years, water and electricity have been provided, roads have been paved and villagers' income has been stable.

Especially in the last few years, the whole village has changed a lot. "The government has introduced many policies to benefit the people. These benefits are visible and tangible to everyone," Gyacai says, "now the villagers are better off and they all have nice, bright houses. The village is clean and tidy, and neighbors help each other." The old man also gives examples of things around him, and lets people sincerely support the Party. Now the national flag is hung on the roof of every house.

Gyacai now enjoys the relative subsidies for the elderly, and it doesn't cost much for him to see a doctor.

"As long as I can speak, I will speak of the kindness of the Party forever," says Gyacai solemnly.

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