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Puji's entrepreneurial story

By Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月16日 09:33

"With the support of the party and the state's good policies, my business has been well developed. As a college entrepreneur, I will strive to lead more college students to start their own businesses and play a due role in social development!" Said Puji with a smile.

Puji was born in Zhazong Village of Xiqen Town, Lhaze County of Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, and graduated from the secretary major of Xizang Minzu University in July 2017. In the two years after graduation, she took civil service exam for 4 times, but failed every time.

One day in March 2018, she walked into a beauty salon in Lhasa. "I was looking for a job, not a beauty treatment. I was particularly afraid of being rejected, and fortunately I was hired on the spot," says Puji. After two months, she found that there was a large room for further development of beauty and body care industry now. Therefore, the idea of starting a business emerged in her mind.

For this reason, she learnt skills from a master while actively participating in various training and beauty treatment experience activities arranged by the company. During that period, she was not only familiar with the operation management skills, but also proficient in the skills on beauty treatment, body care, makeup and manicure.

She says, "I felt that taking the civil service exam wasn't the only way for college students from then on." Then, she found that the beauty industry had good development prospects in her rapidly developing hometown--Lhaze County after investigation, so she resolutely returned to the hometown to start her own business.

Starting a business needs ideas and more funds. Therefore, Puji borrowed 150,000 yuan RMB from her master to rent a storefront in the county, and bought a batch of beauty equipment and hot-selling products worth 100,000 yuan RMB. Since then, her beauty salon has officially opened.

At the beginning, the business had no improvement and the working capital became less and less day by day. When she was at her wit's end, she learned about Tibet's a series of supporting policies of encouraging college graduates to start businesses.

"When I heard the news, I immediately consulted the county's Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and applied for 50,000 yuan RMB of start-up capital. At that time, I was the first college student in the county to apply for such kind of capital." She says. Gradually, her salon was on the right track.

"Now, I have an average monthly income of 7,500 yuan RMB and more than 30 VIP customers. I will continue to attend training arranged by the head office to improve my business skills," says Puji.

"Thanks to the state's policies and the party, I will help more people who start their business for the first time. I want them to learn skills for free in my salon and help them as much as I can," says Puji hopefully.

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