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Relocating the poor to improve the quality of life

By Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月17日 09:30

Located in Baima Town of Baxoi County, Qamdo City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, the Shipa relocation site for poverty alleviation was started construction in 2018 and completed in 2019. The relocation site mainly involved 3,343 people from 657 households in the county's 11 villages and towns.

In July 2019, Dondrup Palden, director of the village committee of Langba Village, Tanggar Town, Baxoi County, moved into the Shipa relocation site. "The living environment of Langba Village is very poor, especially the Yaba unincorporated village. Villagers can only get in and out of some villages through narrow paths, which is very dangerous. Last year, we were very happy when hearing that the government planned to relocate us out of the village." He said.

The relocation site was completed in 2019, with 423 people from 72 households in Tanggar Town moving in. "The relocation site is close to the county seat, which is not only convenient for children to go to school, but also for people with working capacity to find jobs nearby. There are various stores and basic necessities we want to buy, which make our lives more convenient now," said Dondrup Palden.

Before moving into his new house, Dondrup Palden spent more than 10,000 yuan RMB decorating the new house and purchasing furniture. Currently, he, his wife and two sons live happily in a clean, spacious and bright new house, with water, electricity, signals and wireless network, which significantly improve their life quality.

"We actively organize relocated people to attend various skills training, register people who are willing to find jobs, and inform them of recruitment information as soon as possible, so as to help them achieve employment as well as income growth," said Shico Drolma, liaison of the relocation site dispatched by Tanggar Town.

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