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Digital archive of some rare movable cultural relics completed in Tibet

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-07-15

According to the Cultural Relics Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region, the investigation work on 1305 state-owned units' relic collections has been completed recently. More than 100,000 rare cultural relics are scientifically protected with digital archives.

Tibetis rich in cultural resources. The census work on movable cultural relics has been carried out since 2013. The scope of the census includes various artworks and document literatures before 1965, collections of state-owned museums and memorial halls after 1965, as well as palaeovertebrates and palaeoanthropology fossils. 

According to Quzhen, deputy director general of the Cultural Relics Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region, with an investment of 8.435 million yuan, 40 experts are chosen to carry out the cultural relics census work. The data of 114167 pieces of cultural relics is collected, among which 105494 pieces are archived.

Due to Tibet’s special natural and physiographic conditions, the census work on movable cultural relics will be carried out persistently. What's more,Tibet strives to complete the digital archive work of all moveable cultural relics in three years.

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