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Ngaqu creates Shangshung culture brand to promote tourism

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016年10月11日 10:29

On Oct. 6, 2016, the census achievements of Nagqu's cultural and tourism resources which had lasted for 5 years were published in Lhasa. Taking advantage of this factor, Ngaqu plans to create Shangshung culture brand so as to promote the development of tourism industry.

Since 2011, Ngaqu Tourism Development Committee and relative governmental departments have organized experts and scholars to go around 11 counties in Ngaqu and some counties in Ngari and Chamdo, carrying out a comprehensive and systematic census on Ngaqu's cultural and tourism resources. These census achievements are published in the form of books, films and television programs.

Xide, party secretary of Nagqu Tourism Development Committee, says that the publication of these census achievements will provide basis for the Changtang grassland to develop cultural and historical tourism products. From now on, Ngaqu will try to change tourism industry's current situation that focuses on natural scenery and bring out some tourism lines for Changtang culture with the aim of speeding up the tourism development.

Changtang grassland is an important distribution place of ancient Shangshung civilization. Many Shangshung cultural relics including castle ruins and cliff paintings near Lake Dangra Yutso are discovered by experts during exploration and research, which are valuable materials for academic research.

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