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Tibet’s movie & TV and animation training project to be launched in Nov.

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-10-27

In recent years, due to the rapid development of movie & TV and animation industry and the diversification of creation themes, unique culture and customs in minority areas begin to enter into this field. Because of its rich historical and cultural resources, Tibet is attracting the attention of a lot of movie & TV and animation creators. At the same time, the central and regional government also increase policy and financial support to Tibet's cultural development.

Tibet's movie & TV and animation industry develops relatively late because of the lack of professional talents. Prospects as well as the success and failure of movie & TV and animation industry to a great content are closely bound up to the cultivation and absorption degree of professional talents. Therefore, professional talents have become a key factor restricting the development of Tibet's movie & TV and animation industry.

Recently, Tibet Tiansheng Film Industry, cooperated with Tibet Yajiang Network Technology and Sichuan Media College, positively increases information and material investment in professional talent education, and strives to explore and research a educational pattern that adjusts measures to local conditions. This is first time for Tibet to hold training for talents in the field of movie & TV and animation. The training courses cover photography, camera shooting, post-editing, crash course of animation production, and intermediate skill training. The first session is planed to be held in November this year and will last for two months. Before March, 2017, intermediate skill training will be launched.

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