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Tibet: 15 items included in national traditional craft revitalization list

By Zhi Xinghua, Liu Fang Source:China Tibet News 2018年05月28日 16:05

Recently, the first batch of the national traditional craft revitalization list has been jointly released by Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. A total of 383 traditional craft items including embroidery, clothing production, weaving, sculpture, furniture and architecture, metal processing, paper cutting and carving, ceramic, stationeries, lacquerware, printing and mounting, food production, traditional Chinese medicine, utensil production and so on are selected.

Making national traditional craft revitalization list aims to select and support a number of traditional craft projects that have inheritance basis, production scale, development prospects and are conducive to promoting employment. In addition, based on the catalogue of national representative ICH items, it can promote the development and revitalization of traditional crafts across the country through learning model cases.  

Selected traditional craft projects of Tibet Autonomous Region contains embroidery, clothing production, weaving, metal processing, paper cutting and carving, stationeries, utensil production and so on.

To improve the design, production level and overall quality of traditional handcrafts, provide exchange and cooperation platforms for inheritors, guide the connection between supply and demand, and promote the better integration of intangible cultural heritages into contemporary life, the Culture Department of Tibet Autonomous Region has organized and carried out a series of activities between inheritors and person in charge of enterprises, and good achievements have been made.

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